Address at Rice University
Publication Design

Collectible publication made for John F. Kennedy's speech at Rice University from September 12, 1962.
Page spreads were created to the colorful chaotic, upheaval that became the backdrop of the 1960s; a decade in the height of the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and the Space Race. While the works of John F. Kennedy remain firm and in place amongst the visual circus.
Technological milestones that culminated into the first walk on the moon are spread throughout the publication, highlighting how far mankind had progressed in the course of a millennial.
Moments in American history such as the Standoff at Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Air Lift are used to contrast in extremes of human made history that happened in such a short span of century. One part of humanity was anxious enough to start a new World War, the other wanted to rebuild the world on a common dream.

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