UI/UX Design

An in-depth aircraft identification app  for admirers of aviation at all levels and want to learn more about it.
App Concept

Avian began as a concept to share the love that many have of all things related to aviation. To help guide users into the world of aviation, this app was created to help them identify, learn, and explore more about aircraft.
Identifying Aircraft
The Identification Guide section of the app allows users to identify aircraft based on the four primary sections of an aircraft: the wings, engine, tail, and fuselage. Sections are further divided into parts. Parts are displayed as simple shapes used to define the individual components of an aircraft. Users can toggle between choosing between a basic or an advanced list of parts for more detailed identifications.
Relevant aircraft results are shown after the user selects the minimum amount of aircraft parts. Each result opens to aircraft profiles that go in detail about their service history, production numbers, and flight data characteristics.
Test the Avian app prototype here. Or view the Avian app prototype here.

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